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*Want to search a historical price chart of products or the lowest ever price? Search for the name of the product or paste the product's link in the search box and hit enter. you will see the product's historical milestone prices, charts, and all current offers with Price History.

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Deals and Drops

Nikunj Dhaba Special Tea Jar, 500 g...

SUGAR Cosmetics Mettle Priming Balm Primer - 7 g (Transparent)

Price: ₹956
Price History
Nikunj Dhaba Special Tea Jar, 500 g...

ADIDAS zarorx speed M Running Shoes For Men (Blue)

Price: ₹2500
Price History
Nikunj Dhaba Special Tea Jar, 500 g...

ADIDAS Hoops 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoes For Men (White)

Price: ₹1782
Price History
Nikunj Dhaba Special Tea Jar, 500 g...

Infinix Note 11 (Celestial Snow, 64 GB) (4 GB RAM)

Price: ₹12499
Price History
Nikunj Dhaba Special Tea Jar, 500 g...

PROVOGUE Casuals For Men (Tan)

Price: ₹489
Price History
Nikunj Dhaba Special Tea Jar, 500 g...

shoexpress Womens Textured Sneakers with Lace-up Closure Sneakers

Price: ₹1982
Price History

#PriceHistory Bookmarklet

It's now easy to Check "Price History", Just drag "Price History📈" button to your Bookmarks bar then just hit "Price History📈" bookmark button on Store's product detail page to check Price History, Charts & Set Price Drop Alerts. With Price History Bookmarklet, you can check price history of any product in just 1-click without the Hussle of Copy-Paste-search.

When it comes to online shopping, historical price is an important factor to consider. product's price history can help you determine if now is the time to buy, or if you should wait for a better deal. Price history is the record of how a product's price has changed over time.

Price History App offers you graphs & data for Price History. so that you can see how the price of a product has varied over the last few weeks, months, or years


  • Get an idea of the product's historical selling price. This can help you decide if the current pricing is justifiable or not
  • Can help you identify price patterns over a period of time so that you can plan your buy in advance.
  • You can predict future prices of products based on the historical movement of price

What is a Price History?

Price History is free to price monitoring tool. This tool helps you find Products' Historical Pricing information. with Price History, you can find the Lowest Ever Online Price of the Product you want. This tool displays the Product's Historical price changes in form of Interactive Graphical Charts. This tool helps you to find the best price Range to buy the product.

About Price History App

Price History App brings you a free tool called “Price History”. This tool helps you find Historical Price Information & charts for millions of products. this tool also provides you with Details of the Lowest, Average, and Highest Prices of Products.

Here is the Unique feature of the Tool:

  • Lowest Price after deducting lightning deal & Coupon
  • "Price + Shipping" comparison
  • Seller-wise Price Tracking
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Price Trend prediction

Price Tracker by Price History

Price Tracker is an integral part of Price History. This tool tracks the price of a product & saves you from the hassle of manual price checking. If you add any product to Daily Price Tracking, we will add the product to the preferential tracking list. This means the product will be tracked and Guaranteed at least once a day. Price tracking depends on various factors such as "Active Tracking" & "Popularity of Product". You can also set price alerts and Get price drop notifications instantly.

Flipkart Price Tracker

Flipkart is the biggest e-commerce Marketplace in India. You can track products on Flipkart with our price history tool. This tool can display price charts of products, set price drop alerts and track prices. This tool adds all the variants of the product in tracking. You can also get the lowest price history of Flipkart products. The Flipkart product price tracker will enlighten and lower the cost of your shopping.

Amazon Price Tracker

This Amazon Price Tracker is the Most Advance & featureful price history tool ever. The Amazon price tracker can track Prime exclusive offers, Lightning Deals, and Coupons. These Extra offers are now tracked and displayed in the offer price section. The Prime-exclusive offers are only available for customers having an active Prime membership.

Price Tracker will help you find the lowest ever price for any Amazon product. You can check Amazon products in price history by pasting links, and searching for product names or ASINs.

Stores Supported:

Price History supports all major e-commerce stores in India. Such stores are Amazon India, Flipkart, TataCliq, Myntra, Croma, Ajio, Snapdeal, etc. As of Now Price Tracking is enabled only for Amazon & Flipkart only.


Even though all Price Trackers have the same functions of tracking the Price of a product. Some of the unique features of the tool make it stand out from the rest.

Advance Price Tracking

This tool has advanced price tracking functionality which adapts based on product popularity. Products with high popularity will be tracked more often. Products with frequent price changes will be given priority in tracking. Users can also request price updates for any product.

Lowest Cost of Ownership Method:

While the All Price tracking tools only focus on the Price of the Product, we check everything. Everything means the Price of the Product, Shipping cost, Lightning Deal offer, and Product coupon. We display prices with the lowest cost to the buyer. This feature is much useful when a seller quotes prices too low and charge unreasonable shipping charge.

Price Chart & Offer Chart

Our Historical Price chart contains two components, Lowest Listing Price and Offer Price. This helps you to find if the product was available below the listing price with a coupon or offer. As of now, the Offer Price feature is available for Amazon India only.

Frequently Asked Question:

प्राइस हिस्ट्री क्या है?

प्राइस हिस्ट्री एक ऑनलाइन एप्प है जो आपको Amazon, Flipkart, और Myntra जैसे स्टोर्स के उत्पादों की ऐतिहासिक कीमतों की जानकारी देता है। इसके इस्तेमाल से आप उत्पाद की कीमतों मैं हुई बदलावों को देख सकते है, उत्पाद की सबसे कम कीमत कब थी यह जान सकते है| यह एप्प ऑनलाइन प्रोडक्ट को ट्रैक करके उनकी कीमतों को संग्रह करता है और उन्हें इंटरैक्टिव चार्ट के द्वारा दिखाता है|

प्राइस हिस्ट्री काम कैसे करता है?

प्राइस हिस्ट्री एक प्राइस ट्रैकर टूल है जो स्वतः ही उत्पादों को ट्रैक करता है और कीमतों को स्टोर कर के रखता है| जब भी आप प्राइस हिस्ट्री पे प्रोडक्ट सर्च करते हो तो यह ऐतिहासिक कीमतों को चार्ट के माध्यम से प्रदर्शित करता है| यही नहीं, यह आपको बताता है कि, "प्रोडक्ट की कीमत सब से कम कितनी थी और कब थी? आप इसके द्वारा यह भी जान सकते है कि प्रोडक्ट औसत किस क़ीमत पर बिकने आया था|

अगर प्रोडक्ट नया है और आप प्रोडक्ट को स्टोर के लिंक से सर्च करते है तो यह स्वतः ही प्रोडक्ट को प्राइस हिस्ट्री के सिस्टम मैं जोड़ कर ट्रैकिंग मैं लगा देता है| प्राइस हिस्ट्री प्रोडक्ट के एक्टिव ट्रैकिंग और पॉपुलैरिटी के हिसाब से ट्रैकिंग स्पीड तय करती है|

How do I find Price History?

  • Log on to Price History App
  • Search the Name of Product in the Price History Search Box, Go through the search results, and select the product.
  • or Enter the Products Link in Search Box and Hint Enter
  • Now on the Product Page, you will Get all the details of the product like the Historic lowest ever price, Average Price, Highest Price, Current Lowest Price, Current Lowest Offer Price, and Historical price charts.

You can click on Add to Daily Price Tracking for adding products to the priority tracking list and price drop notifications.

You can also click on the refresh price button if the displayed price & offer is updated on the marketplace.

How do I check price history on Amazon?

Price History is the best option to track price history on Amazon. Copy & paste the product's URL into the search box and it will show you a graph of the price over weeks, months, and years. Here also, you can set alerts for Back in Stock, price drops, Lightning Deal and Coupon Offer. This tool also keeps track of Amazon's Lightning Deals & coupons applicable to the product. Price History also helps you select sellers having the lowest "price + shipping" so that you always spend less while shopping.

How to set price drop alert in Flipkart?

Just Open any Flipkart product on the Price History app via Keyword or URL Search, Click on Add to Tracking, and choose Options for Alerts. Now, whenever the price drops below your desired price, the app will notify you. Also, you can set a Back-in-stock Flipkart alert.

What's the best Amazon price tracker?

Price History App is the best Amazon price tracker in 2023. Price History Price Tracker supports Lightning Deals & Coupons, Shipping Charges, and Seller. This tracker also supports variant tracking, Offer to track, and Seller Tracking.

What is a price tracker?

A price tracker is a technological tool that tracks the prices of products automatically. This online tool Capture, Process & Stores all the price-related information. Price Tracker store & display this information in an organized & meaningful full way. Price Tracker helps customers, sellers, researchers, wholesalers, & manufacturers by making their decision-making process Fast, easy, and accurate.

Price History API available?

Price History provides Pricing API for Businesses, Brands, sellers, and Manufacturers. with this Price API, you can Programmatically access and integrate our data into your system. you can connect with us via Mail or the contact us button to discuss this further.

What is a Price Drop Alert from Price History?

We not only Track the price for you but also notify you whenever the price of the product hits the Target price you have set. You can get Price Drop Notification via E-Mail, SMS, App notification, and Telegram bot. Set Choose your preferred notification method and Get notified at right time.

How do I Add Products to Daily Tracking?

Open the product in Price History that you're looking to buy. On the Price Details section, tap the "Add to Daily Tracking" button, That's it. The product is Now added to Priority Tracking and the app will check the price at least once a day.

What is the use of Price History?

E-commerce stores change the price of products and applicable offers/coupons very frequently. We at Price History Keep the Record of Prices & Offer and help you find the best price for your intended product. It is always recommended to Check the Historical Price of products you are looking to buy.

How accurate are price charts of Price History?

We use third-party tools and services to gather Product pricing information. We try that data you see is 100% Accurate and error-free with various quality checks and data validation. But Again We are not claiming that our data is free from any error.

How to use Price History?

There are multiple ways to access price history. You can use any bellow mentioned method to access price history as per your convenience.

  • Price History App: Download Add from Play Store
  • Website: On
  • Bookmarklet: Drag & Drop this into Bookmark bar to setup Price History bookmarklet. One-click Price History on your pc
  • Extension: Automatic embedded price history on Product page.