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Max Baby-Girls Leggings

Price in India

Max Baby-Girls Leggings

Historical Price Information

Lowest Price ₹149 9th Aug 2021
Average Price ₹149
Highest Price ₹149 9th Aug 2021

Current Price

Current Pricing of Max Baby-Girls Leggings
Price: ₹149
Prices Updated on 4th Dec 2021, 07:26:00 AM
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Price History of Max Baby-Girls Leggings


Summary of Price History Chart

We are tracking Prices of Max Baby-Girls Leggings since August 9th, 2021. Based on 658 days price tracking, here is the highlight of price history graph.

  • The lowest price is ₹149 on 9th Aug 2021.
  • The average price is ₹149.
  • The highest price is ₹149 on 9th Aug 2021.
  • The selling price is ₹149 on 4th Dec 2021.

Variants of Max Baby-Girls Leggings

Images of Max Baby-Girls Leggings

Image of Max Baby-Girls Leggings
Image of Max Baby-Girls Leggings
Image of Max Baby-Girls Leggings
Image of Max Baby-Girls Leggings

Details of Max Baby-Girls Leggings

  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • MAX Solid Elasticated Leggings
  • Colour : NAVY
  • Fabric : COTTON LYCRA
  • Care Instructions : Machine Wash

Product Information

Store Product Code B0929YDBDG
Store Name amazon.in
Product Rating 4
Product Category Leggings
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