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Baidyanath Dashmool Tel - 50 ml

Baidyanath Dashmool Tel - 50 ml

20th Sep 2023, 10:47 AM

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4% Off

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You can check the price history of Baidyanath Dashmool Tel - 50 ml here. This product's current Price in India is ₹113. The average and highest prices are ₹91 and ₹113 respectively.

Lowest Ever Price ₹54
15th Oct 2022
Average Price ₹91
Based on 1686 days price tracking
Highest Price ₹113
20th Sep 2023

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Price ₹113
MRP ₹118
Savings ₹5
Discount 4.237%
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Baidyanath Dashmool Tel - 50 ml's Today's Price starts from ₹113.


Product Name Baidyanath Dashmool Tel - 50 ml
Store Product Code B07GSBY4SW
Store Name amazon.in
Rating 8.2 / 10
Category Chyawanprash

Rating and Reviews

Baidyanath Dashmool Tel - 50 ml has 8.2 rating out of 10. This average rating is consist of 59 individual ratings. You can rate this product at product review page.

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